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Easily manage the pubvendors.json file on your website - without the need to create code or change the file every time you want to amend something.

ConsentCMP - pubvendors.json
What is pubvendors.json?

The pubvendors.json is an add-on to the initially released GDPR Consent Framework. It is intended to help publishers to handle and manage the Vendors more effectively.

ConsentCMP Publishers
pubvendors.json - reports

pubvendors.json Manager

Pubvendors.json Manager allows you to easily manage the pubvendor.json file on your website.

  • Easy to integrate 
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Part of the IAB CMPs
  • Manage the consent remotely
  • (optional) WordPress Plugin for easy integration
how does it work?

Our pubvendors.json Manager makes it easy for you: Simply login your account, set up your website(s), create the code and integrate it on your web server. We also have a new WordPress Plugin which makes it even easier to integrate our tool into websites. All further changes to the file can then be done directly from our platform.

Once the tool is integrated, your partners can access the pubvendor.json file. In addition, you will get detailed reports which will show how your pubvendor.json file is used.


Not sure if you need a CMP?

If you are unsure if your company needs a CMP or not, please get in touch with us - we will help you find the right solution for your company!