Consent Management Provider allows you to easily collect consent from your website visitors.



ConsentCMP allows you to easily collect consent from your website visitors. It's the perfect tool for publishers, networks, SSPs and Exchanges!

  • Easy to integrate
  • GDPR compliant
  • Part of the IAB CMPs
  • Compatible with almost all ad-servers
  • Customise your design
Consent Layers

The CMP solution for everyone


Customise Your Design

Personalise your design with different font styles, colours, padding, borders, text or logos. Tailor your CMP and Consent Layer to your liking. 


Displayed in 25 languages

Our CMP supports all 25 languages of the countries where GDPR is active. Your visitors will be greeted in the language they understand.

Consent Provider

How does ConsentCMP work?

Log in to your account, set up your website, create the code and paste onto the website. Once plugged in our platform will automatically start gathering consent from your visitors. As soon as it is on the website, advertisers will have access to the consent data via the open API.

We have created the "Consent Optimiser" which will automatically choose among many design templates in order to find the best way to present the consent layer to get higher acceptance rates from your visitors.

Get to know your visitors

ConsentCMP provides a wide range of reports on your visitors, giving you the view of exactly how many page views, and therewith utilisable ad impressions, from visitors that give their consent and how much you have from visitors that rejected. Analyse which design performs well and has a high acceptance rate and filter to get the most of the questions you want answered.


Good to know


One CMP for all devices, Web, Mobile and inApp. Our CMP automatically adapts to your screen size.


Our CMP can automatically block creatives on your website until visitors give their consent. The ad would then be shown accordingly.


Our integrated pubvendors.json Manager allows you to easily manage and edit the pubvendors.json file.

A/B Testing

Integrate A/B Testing and automated optimisation to help display the best design to your visitors.


In order to help you with GDPR and consent gathering, we collected some important questions.
Please note that we can not give legal advice; legal aspects of the FAQ may change over time and new restrictions can come into place. Therefore, you should always contact your lawyer for legal advice!

Not sure if you need a CMP?

If you are unsure if your company needs a CMP or not, please get in touch with us - we will help you find the right solution for your company!