Consent Management Made Easy

GDPR compliant, Consent Management Provider

ConsentCMP is for publishers and networks. Gather consent for your online advertising and improve results in line with the IAB Framework.

ConsentCMP - Consent Management Provider

3 key reasons to use a CMP

ConsentCMP offers privacy management services for publishers, advertisers, networks and agencies.

Protected From Lawsuits

Use our CMP to comply with data privacy laws and save your organisation from lawsuits and fines. 

Protect your ad earnings

Advertisers are reducing ad spending on GDPR non-compliant websites. Therefore, with our CMP, advertisers can continue to buy your traffic.

Protect your visitors

Visitors who feel safe will happily come back to your website. Show your visitors that you value their privacy.

What is a CMP?

A Consent Management Provider collects the required consent from the user. Each new user will see a "Consent Layer" - asking the user for their consent to the usage of their data. The CMP will then pass the consent information to networks, advertisers, analytics tools and other vendors who want to use their data.


What is pubvendors.json?

The pubvendors.json standard is how publishers can limit and control the usage of personal data on their website. It controls which vendors are allowed to collect and process the data.