Consent Management Made Easy

GDPR compliant, Consent Management Provider

ConsentCMP is for publishers and networks. Gather consent for your online advertising and improve results in line with the IAB Framework.

ConsentCMP - Consent Management Provider

What is a CMP?

A Consent Management Provider collects the required consent from the user. Each new user will see a "Consent Layer" - asking the user for their consent to the usage of their data. The CMP will then pass the consent information to networks, advertisers, analytics tools and other vendors who want to use their data.


What is pubvendors.json?

The pubvendors.json standard is how publishers can limit and control the usage of personal data on their website. It controls which vendors are allowed to collect and process the data.

3 key reasons to use a CMP

ConsentCMP offers privacy management services for publishers, advertisers, networks and agencies.

Why is this important ?

European laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the ePrivacy Directive, create obligations for digital publishers to give visitors to their sites and apps information about their use and sharing of personal data, as well as about the use of cookies, mobile and IDs, and other forms of local storage. In many cases these laws also require that consent be obtained.

Evaluating cookie polices

Many organisations are evaluating their cookie policy to check if it complies with the GDPR and ePrivacy standards. Organisations must be able to inform visitors about the cookies and tracking technologies used on their website, providing the visitors with granular choice over their preferences.

  • GDPR Article 7 "Conditions for Consent "
  • GDPR Article 12 "Transparent Information"
  • GDPR Article 21 "Right to Object"
  • ePrivacy Directive/ PECR

How Consent CMP works

Login to your account, Set up your website, Create the code and paste onto website. Once plugged in our platform will automatically start gathering consent from your visitors. As soon as it is on the website, advertisers will have access to the consent data via the open API defined by the IAB.

We have created the "Consent Optimiser" which will automatically choose among many design templates in order to find the best way to present the consent layer to get higher acceptance rates from your visitors.

Get to know your visitors

Consent CMP provides a wide range of reports on your visitors, giving you the view of exactly how many page views, and therewith utilisable ad impressions, from visitors that give their consent and how much you have from visitors that rejected. Analyse which design performs well and has a high acceptance rate and filter to get the most of the questions you want answered.

Protected From Lawsuits

Use our CMP to comply with data privacy laws and save your organisation from lawsuits and fines. 

Protect your ad earnings

Advertisers are reducing ad spending on GDPR non-compliant websites. Therefore, with our CMP, advertisers can continue to buy your traffic.

Protect your visitors

Visitors who feel safe will happily come back to your website. Show your visitors that you value their privacy.